Executive Committee

  • Will Wheaton - President

    president@virginiagleeclub.org | Class of 2018

    Will is a 4th year pursuing his Bachelor’s in Public Policy and Leadership through the Batten School. Hailing from Chesapeake, Virginia, he has enjoyed music and performance since an early age. For him, the Virginia Glee Club has always been a welcome respite from the rigors of UVa academics. Now entering his third year of Club leadership, he has his eyes set on increased standards of musicality as well as tighter bonds of brotherhood within the organization.
  • Matthew Korbon - Vice President

    vicepresident@virginiagleeclub.org | Class of 2018

    A native of Charlottesville, Virginia, Matt is a 4th year Computer Science major. He is entering his fourth year of Club and his first year of Exec. Matt loves photography and teaches a digital media program with HackCville. He is leaving a year of service as social chair and plans on increasing Glee Club’s presence on Grounds.
  • Connor Reilly - Publicity Manager

    publicitymanager@virginiagleeclub.org | Class of 2020

    Native from Albany, New York, Connor Reilly is a 2nd year in the College of Arts and Sciences as a Pre-Commerce major. He has been singing since an early age and spent most of his tenure at the Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys at the Cathedral of All Saints in Albany. Connor joined VGC during his first semester at the University of Virginia and looks to continue giving back to the organization as a member of the Executive Committee. Outside of the Glee Club, Connor is a member of the University Singers, Virginia Consulting Group, and a member of the Club Swim Team at UVa.
  • Rice Tyler - Business Manager

    businessmanager@virginiagleeclub.org | Class of 2018

    Rice is a 3rd year student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and is currently studying Computer Science. He was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, and graduated from St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School in 2015 before following the family tradition of going to the University of Virginia that fall. Rice is an avid fan of music and enjoys performing it as much as listening to it. From the choral works he performs with the Glee Club, to the jazz he plays on his saxophone, he loves it all. Rice is very excited to be serving as the Business Manager of the Virginia Glee Club for the 2017-2018 season.
  • Caleb Selph - Secretary

    secretary@virginiagleeclub.org | Class of 2019

    Caleb hails from Mathews, Virginia, a small town on Virginia’s Middle Peninsula that has yet to be graced with either a Walmart or a stoplight. He is a rising 3rd year student looking to enter the Curry School of Education and become a math teacher for whatever high school will take him. This is his second year with the Glee Club and he is looking forward to breaking his pre-concert tabling record of five hours in one week. When not singing for VGC, Caleb sings in the choirs of Wesley Memorial and St. Paul’s United Methodist Churches in Charlottesville and Mathews, respectively, and for the Wesley Foundation at UVA’s informal worship music team.
  • Jessica Wiseman - General Manager


    Jessica was hired by the Glee Club in September 2010 and plans to stay until they throw her cold, dead body out into the street. Helping the Club do what they do is particularly satisfying to Jessica and her musical/administrative skill set, and she looks forward to many seasons of fostering harmony, love and brotherhood as best she can.