The Glee Club’s newest CD, Songs of the Shenandoah, is a live recording featuring a varied program from concerts in Charlottesville and on tour during the 2016-17 season.  Order online via our Merchandise page or call 434-207-8421.

Track listing:

Hanacpachap  –  Ed. Escalada

Praise Ye the Name of the Lord  –  Tcherepnin

Song of Peace  –  Persichetti

Prayer at Winter Solstice  –  Schuneman

Summer Songs  –  Davis
Love is a Green Girl
Little Polly Ethylene
The Shadow’s on the Sundial

Ave Maria (Angelus Domini)  –  Biebl

Winter’s Night  –  Xia

I See Fire  –  Sheeran/Xia

Find the Cost of Freedom  –  Stills/Page

Hallelujah  –  Cohen/Sperry

Shenandoah  –  Erb

Yonder Come Day  –  Rudoi

Winter Song  –  Bullard

Yell Song  –  Lehmann

Cavalier Song  –  Lewis/Hine

Virginia, Hail, All Hail! & The Good Old Song